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Purchasing Social Media Accounts in The Market Palace

Buying Social Media Account has been made easy through our platform, which assures secure transactions using modern payment procedures. For your business, a well-managed social media account achieves faster and easier communication with your customers. Using the platform to purchase a social media account for your business increases leads to your business and with organic traffic you get Returns of Investment. Personal social media accounts echo your splendid personality to society. Buy a personal social media account and showcase your brand in the online sphere.

Sell Social Media Accounts in The Market Palace

The diversity of the platform includes other sellers selling social media accounts through our avenue. With the strict terms and conditions of this online market, you can sell your social media account to customers across the globe securely. Promoting a range of techniques from different social media professionals is a way of achieving the market demand in the game.

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Most people prefer to use the word online writing accounts for these particular fields. Are you looking for freelancing accounts with a guaranteed reputation in the market? Well, at, an online jobs enthusiast is exposed to freelancing accounts. Sell your freelancing account through our platform and quench the unending demand on the market. Through sets of protocols and procedures, we detect the legitimacy of these accounts. We guarantee to follow the “dos and don’ts of the trade” to the latter. Our customer-friendly and easy-to-use website has a support section for all your questions and is the one-way ticket to acquiring solutions.

Transaction and Platform Security

The Market Palace embraces secure money transactions through company policies and technologies available in the financial market. Pay for your social media and freelancing accounts through M-Pesa, ETH, USDT, PayPal, bank wire and Bitcoin securely. There are the measures that must be followed for financial transactions to be made successfully:

  • To the vendors using The Market Palace to sell the social media or freelancing accounts, an 8% transaction fee is deducted from the selling price during transaction.
  • The platform admin secures the buyers Finances until all the required demands are met and thereafter release the account to the buyer and the finances to the seller.
Security at The Market Palace expertise hub is achieved through software engineering practices of website development which facilitate fraud detection among the parties involved. The governing crew of the platform are all available for any security issue. Welcome to a safe online market palace.